The RENEWAL (Nigeria) Project Briefing

Project Leading Partners

Project Leading Partners:  The Research and Evaluation of Nexuses of the Exploitation of Water in African Law (RENEWAL) Project is been implement under the Global Law, Justice and Development Forum (GLJD) of the World Bank by the Center for Water Security and Cooperation (CWSC), USA and the International Association for Water Law (AIDA).


At the heart of RENEWAL is a comprehensive discussion and accessible overview of water governance in each country in Africa. RENEWAL provided an expansive view of the way water is governed under each country’s system by comprehensively reviewing the laws directly and indirectly shaping water governance. To provide a complete picture of water governance in Africa, Partners will collect and catalogue the laws from the international level all the way down to the local regulations that directly and indirectly determine water governance in a country. This requires looking at not only at the laws traditionally understood as ‘water laws,’ i.e. the laws protecting water quality and managing water allocations and rights, but also the laws governing sectors whose operations use and affect water, including but not limited to energy, land-use and agriculture. This kind of broad, in-depth collection and cataloguing of Water Laws – those laws which affect the protection, management and governance of water – is unique and allows for the design of solutions that address the root cause of challenges.

Once collected and catalogued, project leaders and local stakeholders will summarize the individual laws and clearly identify how the collected laws are interrelated. These analyses and graphic representations are intended to give partners, local stakeholders and decision-makers a clear understanding of the state of the existing water governance. Once each of the laws and the interconnections are understood and accessibly presented, the CWSC in collaboration with AIDA and experts will apply an evaluative metric to each water governance framework in order to determine shortcomings, gaps and inconsistencies. The identification of these challenges is only the first part of improving and strengthening water governance and therefore advancing the achievement of water security and SDG6. This will require working with decision-makers and local stakeholders to identify next steps that will lead to the development and implementation of long-term, sustainable solutions to the concerns identified in throughout the collection, cataloguing, analysis and evaluation of the laws.


The law underpins and drives the advancement of development priorities, including guaranteeing access to clean, safe water and improving the health of the river basins which serve as the lifeblood for communities. In order to fulfill SDG6, along with many of the other SDGs, Africa must achieve water security. To build and strengthen the foundation upon which the achievement of the SDGs depend, RENEWAL analyzes and evaluates the state of water governance in Africa, by first determining and understanding the existing state of water governance and second evaluating the effectiveness of the water governance framework in place.

This project will:

  • Collect and catalogue the laws, regulations and policies directly and indirectly shaping and influencing water governance, from the international level to the local level;
  • Provide a clear summary and description of each law, regulation and policy to make this information accessible to decisions-makers and the public;
  • Identify the intersections and connections between water and the laws of sectors who affect and use water;
  • Graphically illustrate the applicability of the laws, identified intersections and the administrative structure for designing, implementing and enforcing identified law; and
  • Evaluate the water governance for each country based on a clear, well-supported metric.


In effect, this database, by providing a comprehensive view of the state of water governance and law in each African country, will serve as a tool for decision-makers and the public in advancing water security throughout Africa in order to achieve the SDGs and other development priorities. Without a clear understanding of the existing state of water governance, countries are unable to take clear, targeted steps forward that will directly address the shortcomings, gaps and inconsistencies operating as barriers to the achievement of water security. RENEWAL will position decision-makers to design lasting solutions with systemic effect.