3 Secret Things I Wish To Knew Before I Started Traveling With My Rooftop-tent

Rooftop-tent is known as one of the best alternatives aside from ground tent which has its own attractiveness for those travelers who love long distance traveling yet don't want to put many efforts and getting dirty on the tent installation.

Now, how about you? Are you one of those people who prefer rooftop-tent to the ground tent? Then how is your preparation before starting your own vacation finding the best spot to build your own tent?

If you are one of those rooftop-tent lovers, I will tell you 3 SECRETS that I regret I didn't realize it sooner and I believe you'll too!

Before we continue, let me introduce myself, my name is Harry and I am a rooftop tent camping lovers. As a regular office worker, you can imagine how stressful it was. You can hardly have time for friends, family, even for yourself.


The first thing you need to ensure about before starting your own vacation is a coziness.

What I mean with coziness is pick the best rooftop-tent! Every single rooftop-tent has its own uniqueness based on your own needs.

For that, I've compiled few types of most favorites rooftop-tent among travelers;



By far, my favorite is the Baja Rack as the roof rack and Tepui Explorer Series.

At first, it took me quite a long time to learn how to install the tent into the roof rack, education is expensive, and I didn't know what I didn't know. I've been searching tutorial video on youtube and a few websites about how to install it, and thanks to it, now i can install my rooftop-tent with ease


This is the most important thing to remember before starting your own vacation.
Of course, if you are about to enjoy your vacation you must stay in the good shape.

You have to know that you are about to drive hundreds of miles and you cannot deny back pain are most likely to hit you anytime.

I too have experienced severe back pain while I was driving and it made my vacation became unenjoyable.
I have tried few tips to reduce and prevent this back pain from the internet as well until...

To be honest, those tips were not just enough and that's why I prefer something more practical, at least for people like me who really don't like to put many efforts since I am in my 50s, which is why I prefer rooftop-tent to the ground tent because it is easier to install.

and then I decided to buy a car seat cushion or lumbar support. Yes, car seat cushion is the best solution for back pain problem for drivers. With this lumbar support, you can maintain your body posture and provide support for your back to prevent back pain.

and this is the best one I can get. It's called "Go Lumbar Support"

FYI, Go Lumbar Support is recommended by one of the best chiropractor expert Dr. Jose Guevara.

The mesh and adjustable strap help me maintain my body posture which allows me to drive with comfort,
and you can get it here https://amzn.to/2A4rw8M


I can finally explore secluded places which are not a popular camping ground with tons of campers there. I can go somewhere out there with nobody around and feels more secluded. I just need to drive for miles, park my car in a beautiful spot, and pop up my rooftop tent.


I can keep driving without having to stretch and adjusting my position every single minute and it is absolutely practical! The installation itself is easy and effortless.

Now you know why to maintain your health is important before starting your own rooftop-tent journey.
Now you are ready for your own vacation...
The answer is no..!
There is one last thing to be prepared and this is the last secret weapon to complete your rooftop-tent journey


This is the L.W.I.S.S list of what you need to bring along and you'll absolutely need them;

I need to remind you about the back pain! It's something you can't just ignore. Since you will drive your car for hours until you get to the beautiful camping spot, you will definitely need one of this lumbar support, and based on my personal experience, Go Lumbar support is the only brand I know that works properly.
It works great to relieve my lower back pain. The beads are giving some kind of massage to my lower back and it helps me to drive for long hours comfortably. Trust me, you will not regret buying this back support. You can find Go Lumbar Support on Amazon here https://amzn.to/2pUntGt


Use a water bottle to drink. When you go camping, it's better to use reusable water bottles rather than the disposable paper cups because you can always refill water anytime and reduce littering. I love to use Platypus Soft Bottles because it's not bulky and flexible.


I always make sure that I bring plenty of food that enough until I get back home. My essential food is instant noodle because it's easy to cook and does not require much cookware.

Since you don't need to put any struggle bringing the tent, poles, and stakes, you just need to bring a sleeping bag when you camp.

I always bring a propane stove and propane fuel and make sure the stove is properly working.

I bring a set of cooking utensils which consist of a spatula, stirring spoon, ladle, knife, scrubber, and whisk too when I camp. Sometimes if I'm going for more cooking, I always make sure to bring the cookware I need based on the planned meals I am going to cook. Mug and coffee for morning coffee are also essential.

Well, I hope my experience with a rooftop tent and my essential tips can inspire you to be next rooftop tent campers. Pack all the stuff you need and go camping!
Ah, one last thing, it's important to keep your car in good condition so recheck everything and make sure your vehicle won't cause any trouble. Stay healthy and use a lumbar support while driving to reduce fatigue. Now you are ready to explore new places that you've never been there before!