Explore new awesome places!

I can literally go somewhere out there with nobody around and feels more secluded. I just need to drive for miles, park their car in a beautiful spot, and pop up the rooftop tent.


Literally camp anywhere!

Without the hassle of installing the traditional ground tent? No more searching for a proper campsite since I can literally camp anywhere!


Before we start I want to share a brief story about my roof-top tent journey experience. I had been driving for hundred miles looking for a couple new places and it was absolutely fun.


Until one day I got a back pain and it just became so bad that I couldn't maintain my body posture. Most of you must have experienced this especially for long distances drivers and it's really uncomfortable. Until one day I met my LIFESAVER


and the answer is a Lumbar Support. It's a miracle! Now I can drive hundred or even thousand miles with comfort. Your health is extremely important and you need to prepare lumbar support before starting your own roof-top tent journey.

I highly recommend GO LUMBAR SUPPORTI've been using it for my whole traveling life and it definitely helps me to drive hundred miles comfortably. It makes my traveling activity back pain-free. You can find Go Lumbar Support on Amazon here

OK, let's go back to the main topic, now I want to tell you my three favorite things about the roof-top tent that makes me a busy regular office worker madly in love with it and you will too.



Rooftop tent allows me to get up off the ground and away from ground-dwelling critters. 


The best rooftop tent models have that covered with integrated memory foam mattresses. 


Since my rooftop tent is already attached to the top of my SUV, I don’t need to worry about taking it down.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Harry and I am a rooftop tent camping lovers. As a regular office worker, you can imagine how stressful it was. You can hardly have time for friends, family, even for yourself. 


I came to the point where I realized that I really need to go camping. I missed the time when I could go to beautiful places where there won't be anybody for miles out there from me, only me and the beautiful scenery.  


Since couple years ago I only did what most campers do, backpack style camping with ground tent option, that's why I almost give up on camping until one of my friends introduces me to car camping.

XJ Cherokee Camper - Jeep Miami

Thanks to Bryan who came with a solution of rooftop tent. It opens up new alternative and gradually changes the way I camp, switching over from backpack style to more of overland or car camping style.

Can you imagine that now I can explore new places every week without the hassle of installing the traditional ground tent? No more searching for a proper campsite since I can literally camp anywhere

I can explore secluded places which are not a popular camping ground with tons of campers there. I can go somewhere out there with nobody around and feels more secluded. I just need to drive for miles, park my car in a beautiful spot, and pop up my rooftop tent. 


1. Front runner roof top tent.

Their low-profile rooftop tent weighs less than 100 lbs. which helps save valuable fuel during those long treks. The tent is made from Oxford 400D tent fabric that is strong, breathable, mold resistant, and waterproof. A durable 1000D PVC cover protects the tent when not in use.  


2. Yakima Skyrise

This one is available in small and medium sizes. The tent is made from 210D nylon which is light and breathable and includes mesh panels for ventilation and star gazing. The included rainfly has a waterproof PU coating, but it's best left off in the summer to enjoy expansive views 

3. Tepui Baja Series.

Ideal solution for explorers who camp year-round. The tent utilizes a Zipper Gimp to attach the canopy to the tent base which allows you to interchange the canopy depending on the conditions: a mesh shade canopy for hot humid weather, a lightweight nylon rip-stop canopy for springtime, or an aluminized canopy for inclement weather.


4. James Baroud Evasion

This is a hard shell roof top tent that features a fiberglass polyester shell and provides sleeping space for two adults and a child. A solar-powered vent built into the upper hull creates extra ventilation and can be reversed and used as an exhaust fan to prevent condensation buildup

5. Mombasa Adventure II. 

It sleeps 3 and can be mounted on an off-road trailer which gives you even more room for gear atop your car or truck. Like most tents, the frame is aluminum tubing and it also includes a 2 1/2-inch foam mattress.



Installing the tent into the car is very easy. I choose Baja Rack as the roof rack and Tepui Explorer Series for the tent. At first, it took me quite a long time to learn how to install the tent into the roof rack, but thanks to Youtube and manual video instruction provided on the Tepui website I can learn it in no time. 

Now you know why I madly in love with a rooftop tent.

Setting up the tent is so much faster and easier. I can do it by myself and finish it all in 3 minutes! It's hassle-free and portable compared to a ground tent which takes more than 10 minutes to assemble and it's quite tiring if I do it by myself. And the best of all, I can continue the journey without having to fully disassemble the sleeping setup. 

Now you have learned all you need to know about the roof-top tent, but have you prepared or at least know what you need before planning on a long way trip or camping? Because you definitely don't wanna miss these things.


1. Lumbar Support

Since you will drive your car for hours until you get to the destination, I highly recommend using a lumbar support to keep your posture right and ease your back pain

Based on my personal experience, Go Lumbar Support is the only brand I know that works properly. I've been using it for years in my car and also on a chair at home and office. 

It works great to relieve my lower back pain. The beads are giving some kind of massage to my lower back and it helps me to drive for long hours comfortably. Trust me, you will not regret buying this back support.You can find Go Lumbar Support on Amazon here

 2. Sleeping Bag

Choose a sleeping bag that warm enough for you. Even you do not lay on the ground you can still feel the cold air, especially in winter. I personally use the sleeping bag from Abco Tech.

3. Stove and Cooking Utensils 

You won't have a dinner at the local restaurant, right? Don't forget to bring a stove and cooking utensils. Bring a propane stove and propane fuel, make sure the stove is properly working.

Bring a set of cooking utensils which consist of a spatula, stirring spoon, ladle, knife, scrubber, and whisk. If you are going for more cooking, make sure you bring the cookware you need based on the planned meals you are going to cook. Do not forget to bring a mug and coffee to have your morning coffee.  

4. Instant Food  

Make sure you bring plenty of food that enough until you get back home. My essential food is instant noodle because it's easy to cook and does not require much cookware.

Use paper plates to eat. I do not recommend using the reusable plates unless you want to bring your kitchen sink and clean them all.

Always keep everything clean and use a trash bag to collect any trash generated during your trip. I'm sure you do not want to throw away litter recklessly and pollute the nature.  

5. Bottle Water

Use a water bottle to drink. When you go camping, it's better to use reusable water bottles rather than the disposable paper cups because you can always refill water anytime and reduce littering. I love to use Platypus Soft Bottles because it's not bulky and flexible. 

Well, I hope my experience with rooftop tent and my essential tips can inspire you to be next rooftop tent campers. Pack all the stuff you need and go camping!

 Ah, one last thing, it's important to keep your car in a good condition so recheck everything and make sure your vehicle won't cause any trouble. Stay healthy and use a lumbar support while driving to reduce fatigue. Now you are ready to explore new places that you've never been there before!